Spinnfaden 1 - © Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk
„Gradually I got a clear idea of what music I wanted to write. It had to be transparent, not ‚art for art’s sake’, not cute, no superfluous notes – plain text. It takes courage to express one’s own opinion. Because if you are outspoken, you are often misunderstood. But I prefer this misunderstanding than an understanding based on ambiguity.“
Catalogue of works

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Abbreviations: VNM: Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin - B&H: Breitkopf & Härtel, Wiesbaden - MK: Mayako Kubo holds the rights

Oper Spinnfaden ©  Erik-Jan OuwerkerkDER SPINNFADEN (The Spinning Thread, 2009/10)
Opera for young musicians after „The thread of the spider“ by R. Akutagawa, Libretto: Harald Stucke. Commisioned by Kulturamt Neukoelln, sponsored by Berliner Kulturprojektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.
Kandata, Bariton - Yoko, Sopraon - Shakkah/Condemned I, Tenor - Richter/Condemned II - Bass, 3 girls and 1 boy, 1 female dancer, chamber orchestra: Fl.., Kl., Trom., Pos., A-Git., 2 Akk., Hf., 2 Vl., 2 Vc., Kb., 2 Percussion.; small chorus. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, March 19, 2010, Heimathafen Berlin-Neukoelln, Ensemble Experimente, Chor des Ernst-Abbe-Gymnasiums, Conductor: Gerhard Scherer, Stage Direction: Marieke Ruegert, Set and Costume Design: Angela Zohlen. Length approx. 90‘. MK  

Audio example „Der Spinnfaden“ act 1, scene 3

performed by Ensemble Experimente, Choir of the Ernst-Abbe-Gymnasium, G. Scherer | world premiere 2010

Opera in two acts. Commissioned work by the New National Theater Tokyo. After the drama „Double murder of Amijima“ by Monzaemon Chikamatsu, Libretto: Mayako Kubo. Osan, Soprano - Jiheh, Baritone - Koharu, Soprano - Secretary, Tenor- 4 hostesses, 2 soprani and 2 contraltos - 8 classmates, male octett. 2 (all also Picc.)/2 (2. also EH)/2 (all also Bkl.)/2 (2. also Kfg.) - 4/2/2/1 - 5 Perc. - Hf. - Klav. (also Cel.) - 16/12/10/8/6 - mixed choir - stage music. WORLD PREMIERE: Tokyo, February 25, 2005, New National Theater Tokyo. Length approx. 120´. MK

RASHOMON (1994/95)
Opera in two acts. Commisioned work by the Opera Graz and the Steirischer Herbst Festival. Text after the short story ,,Im Dickicht“ by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Libretto: Mayako Kubo. Masago, Soprano - Tajomaru, Heldentenor - Takehito, Tenor - Richter, Bass - Wood cutter, Baritone - Priest, Countertenor - Mother of Masago, Mezzo-soprano - Policeman, Tenor - 3 (all also Picc.)/2 EH/2 (2. also Sax.)/Bassklar./2 Kfg. - 4/3/3/1 - 5 Perc. - Hf. - Klav. (also Cel.) - 10/8/6/6/5 - mixed chorus; stage music: string quartett, percussion ensemble. WORLD PREMIERE: Opernhaus Graz, September 29, 1996, Conductor: Stefan Lano, Stage director: Lin Hwai-Min, 100‘. Recorded by: ORF Steiermark, CD: edition Ariadne AD 998001. Rental material, piano score, libretto: Ariadne Verlag

Japanese version (2002) WORLD PREMIERE: Tokyo, November 15, 2002, Nissay Theater, Conductor: Shuya Ookatsu, Stage director: T. Kato, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Opera Singers, ca. 100‘. Ariadne Verlag


Audio example „Rashomon“ act 1, scene 4

performed by Grazer Philharmonisches Orchester, conducted by Stefan Lano | world premiere 1996 | CD ARIADNE AD 998001

Music theater. Commissioned by the Musikakademie Rheinsberg. Text after „Hyperion“ by Friedrich Hoelderlin, Libretto: Mayako Kubo. One actor and five musicians: Fl. (also Piccolo and Alto)/Vl. (also Vla.)/Sax. (A und T)/Akk./Perc. (Marimba with 5 octaves and various small percussion instruments). WORLD PREMIERE: Schlosstheater Rheinsberg, October 23, 2002, Stage director: Marina Hellmann, ensemble Intégrales, Speaker: J. Heynert. Length approx. 90´. Ariadne Verlag
Ballett suite. Electronic music. Commissioned by Wiener Festwochen. WORLD PREMIERE: Wien, March 2, 1982, Tanz Forum Wien, Choreography: Liz King, Production: Tonstudio der Musikhochschule Hannover. Length approx. 40‘. Ariadne Verlag
PASSAGE MIT J.B. (Passage with J.B., 2012/13)

for violin and chamber orchestra 1/1/1/1-1/1/1-2Perc.-Hf.-Akk.-2/2/2/2/1CAGE. 25´. Ariadne Verlag

 SANRIKU-LIEDER (2011)SANRIKU-LIEDER (Sanriku Songs, 2011)
for Soprano and string orchestra. After a poem by Meiko Matsudaira about the earthquake in Japan. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin,  June 21, 2011, YACOB (Young Asian Chamber Orchestra Berlin), Conductor: Ya-ou Xie, Soprano: Yuka Yanagihara. CD: Edition YACOB. Length: 16‘. VNM

Audio example „Sanriku Songs"

performed by Yuka Yanagihara, Soprano; YACOB, conducted by Ya-ou Xie |world premiere 2011

2. SINFONIE „Wiederkehr“ – „Saikai“ (2000)2. SYMPHONY „Return“ - „Saikai“ (2000)
Commissioned by the City of Kyoto. 2 (also all Picc.)/Picc./2/EH/2/Bkl./2/Kbfg. - 4/3/3/Tb. (also Kbtb.) - 3 Perc. - Hf. - 14/14/12/8/7. WORLD PREMIERE: Kyoto, October 21, 2000, Symphony Orchestra of Kyoto, Conductor: Michiyoshi Inoue. Length: 17´. Ariadne Verlag
Audio example „2. Sinfonie"

performed by Kyoto Symphonie Orchestra, conducted by Michiyoshi Inoue | 2000

1. SYMPHONY (1993/98)
For orchestra, mixed chorus, Soprano, Baritone and solo violin. Commissioned by the Festival Musikprotokoll. 3 (2. also Alto and Picc., 3. also Picc.)/2/EH (also Ob.)/2 (2. also Sax. B und S)/Bkl. (also Kl. in B)/2/Kbfg - 4/3/3/Btb (also Kbtb.) - 5 Perc./Klav. (also Cel.)/Hf./Akk. - 12/12/10/8/8. WORLD PREMIERE: Graz, Steirischer Herbst, October 11, 2000 in the Graz opera house, Grazer Philharmonie, Grazer Opernchor, Conductor: Arturo Tamayo. Length: 5‘. Recorded by Austrian television ORF. Ariadne Verlag
For orchestra and obligatory violin. 2/2/2 Sax./2 - 4/3/2/1 - 4 Perc. - Klav. - 12/12/12/10/8. WORLD PREMIERE: as 5. scene of the opera ,,Rashomon“. Length: 15‘, opera version: 10‘. Ariadne Verlag
For piano and big orchestra. Commissioned by the Suedwestfunk. 3 (all also Picc.) 2/2/2 (2. also Kfg.) - 2/3/2/1 - 3 Perc. - Hf. - Git. - 10/10/12/10/8. WORLD PREMIERE: Donaueschingen, October 19, 1986. Sinfonieorchester des Suedwestfunks, Conductor: Peter Eoetvoes, Piano : B. Wambach. Length: 28‘. Recorded by: Suedwestfunk Baden-Baden. B&H

For orchestra. 3 (3. also Picc.)/3 (3. also EH)/3 (3. also Baßklar.)/3 (3. also Kfg.) - 4 (in F)/3 (in C)/2/2/3 - Perc., Hf., Klav, Streicher. A: 16/6/6/4 (2 con cinque corde), B: 16/6/6/4 (2 con cinque corde). WORLD PREMIERE: Stuttgart, June 7, 1982, Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart, Conductor: Peter Eoetvoes, 14‘. Recorded by: SDR Stuttgart. Rental material Ariadne Verlag.

Audio example „Arachnoidea"

performed by Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart, conducted by Peter Eötvös | 1980

HWAJON (2007)
For chorus a cappella. Commissioned by the Philharmonic Choir Tokyo, after the poem "Notes from the divided country" by Suji Kwock Kim. WORLD PREMIERE: Tokyo, December 18, 2007. Length 15´. Ariadne Verlag

YOGI (1979)
For chorus a cappella (5S, 5A, 5T, 5B oder 4S, 4A, 4T, 4B). WORLD PREMIERE: Jerusalem, June 30, 1980, IGNM Weltmusiktage, ,,schola cantorum“ Stuttgart, Conductor: C. Gottwald. Length: 12‘. Recorded by: Israel Broadcasting Authority. Ariadne Verlag

Audio example „Hwajon“

Tokyo Philharmonic Choir |

DAS LEICHTE GESETZ (The Easy Law, 2012)

for soprano and piano. Text: Ulrike Prasse, Marina Zwetajewa, Caroline Pinger, Synke Köhler. WORLD PREMIERE Berlin 4. Dez. 2012, Maacha Deubner und Yuko Tomeda. 17´. MK

CAGESTÜCK (Cage Piece, 2012)

for ensemble (Ob., Fg., Trmp., Pos., Marm., Vibr., Akk., Pia., Vl., Vla., Vc.). for Cage 100 „Party Pieces Project“. WORLD PREMIERE: New York, 17. Okt. 2013, Richard Carrick and Ensemble Either/Or. 1´. Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig

DER FUCHS UND MÄDCHEN (The Fox and Girl, 2012)

for soprano/mezzo and piano. According to a poet by Synke Köhler.   WORLD PREMIERE Berlin 6. Nov. 2012, Angelika Weber and Martin Schneuing. 8´. MK

WOHIN? (Where to?, 2010)
For Violin, Guitar and Piano. Commissioned by the Ensemble KU. WORLD PREMIERE: Hiroshima, August 20, 2010, Ensemble KU. Length 17´, VNM
For guitar quartett. Commissioned by the Miscelanea Quartett. WORLD PREMIERE: Salzburg, March 16, 2009, Miscelanea Quartet. Length 13’. CD Catalogue number: UNIMOZ 41. VNM

für Streichtrio. UA: Berlin, 7. Juli 2007, Vl.: Akemi Uchida, Vla.: Simone Jandl, Vc.: Petra Kießling, 9'. MK

For Ensemble: Ob., Trmp., Git., Klav., Vl., Vla., Vc., Sop. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, July 9, 2007, Ensemble Saitenblicke, Conductor: Mari Watanabe. Length 19’. MK

IWDH (1998)
For string quartett and e-guitar after a title by Udo Lindenberg. Commissioned by the Wiener Konzerthaus. WORLD PREMIERE: Wien, March 2000, Hagen Quartett, John Schroeder. Length 15‘. Ariadne Verlag

RITUAL FUER TRAEUME I (Ritual For Dreams I, 1996)
For Soprano and Shō. Commissioned by the WDR. WORLD PREMIERE: Koeln, December 6, 1996, M. Hirayama, M. Miyata. Length 12‘. Recorded by: WDR. Ariadne Verlag

SIEBEN VOLKSLIEDER (Seven Folk Songs, 1994-96)
Quivering Hearts in dogs’ bodies - The life of Stones - Hair cutting - The dream is a paper - The cold - Stillness- Sleep, my brain, sleep. For Mezzosoprano or Alto and Percussion. After poems by Ernst Herbeck. WORLD PREMIERE of the complete cycle: Berlin, April 12, 1997, T. Kutay, R. Anhamm. Length 27‘. Ariadne Verlag
GRÜNE CHACONNE (Green Chaconne, 2013)

for baroque lute. Commissioned work by Shoji Nakagawa. WORLD PREMIERE: Nagoya, 18. Mai 2013, Shoji Nakagawa. 20´ Verlag Neue Musik

For Piano solo. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, June 15, 2010, Elzbieta Sternlicht. Length 20’. MK


IZANAMIS TRÄNEN (Izanami's Tears, 2007)
For guitar. WORLD PREMIERE: Hiroshima, April 1, 2008, Gaku Yamada. Length 10´. VNM

Audio example „Izanamis Tränen“

interpreted by Gaku Yamada | excerpt of the world premiere in Hiroshima | 2008

AN DIOTIMA (To Diotima, 2005)
Viola solo. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, May 26, 2006, Barbara Lueneburg, Length 15´. Ariadne Verlag


For baroque lute. Commissioned by the WDR. WORLD PREMIERE: Detmold, May 31, 1990, K. Junghaenel, Length 12‘. Recorded by: WDR. Ariadne VerlagVerlag

BERLINISCHES TAGEBUCH (Berlin Diary, 1989/90)
For Piano. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, February 21, 1991, Musik-Biennale, H. Henck, Length 28‘. Recorded by: Rias Berlin / ORF Salzburg / SR. CD catalogue number: CTH 2244. Ariadne Verlag

Audio example „Montaru 3b“

interpreted by Yorika Ikeya | From the Berlinisches Tagebuch
1990 | CD: CTH 2244

FÜNF JAPANISCHE TÄNZE (Five Japanese Dances, 2013)

for piano four hands. Commissioned by Paul Hindemith Musikschule. WORLD PREMIERE Berlin 5. Mai 2013, Wolfgang Panwitz and Mayako Kubo. 12´. VNM

TRAUMSPIEL (Dream Play, 2012)
Miniature opera for kids. Commissioned by Jens-Nydahl-Grundschule, Berlin. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, March 30, 2012. Length 40'. MK

AMPELSPIEL (Signal’s Game, 2011)
Scenic music for young strings (2 Vl.. groups and 1 Vc. group). Commissioned by Musikschule Paul Hindemith, Berlin. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, May 7, 2011. Length 14´. VNM


Werke für Kinder ©  Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

SCHACH FÜR KINDER (Chess for Children, 1997)
For 3 Vl., 2 Blfl., 2 Fl., 2 Git., 7 Akk. WORLD PREMIERE: Berlin, November 1997, Klangwerkstatt, Dir. G. Scherer, Ensemble IKAB, Length 30‘. VNM

YOSHI (1991)
For violin and children’s string orchestra (3 Vl.- and 1 Vc. group). WORLD PREMIERE: UA: Berlin, Februar 1990, Klangwerkstatt, Vl.: F. Kubo, ca. 8‘. Rental material Ariadne Verlag





Audio example „Yoshi“

performed by Sabine Schaepers, Streichensemble der Musikhochschule Münster

VATER! (Father! - Songs for a lost figure, 1992)
Electronic studio of the Musikakademie Basel, with A. Vent. Production: SFB, SR. First broadcast: SFB, September 1992. Length 37‘. MK

I AM 99 YEARS OLD (1989)
Electronic studio of the Technische Universitaet Berlin, with T. Seelig. First broadcast: ORF, April 25, 1990. Length 28‘. MK


Audio example „Ich bin 99 Jahre alt“

Production: Elektronisches Studio der TU Berlin / ORF, with T. Seelig

Wohin? (2012)
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