Foto: Jeremy Knowies

Berlin Diary in the Hands of an Azerbaijani Pianist

Berlin is indeed teeming with international artists. A young pianist from Baku, Fidan Aghayeva-Edler, has 10 fingers that can play 10 different dynamics – not an easy task by any means, for any pianist! I wrote “Montaru 3b” in 1989 for an exhibition at the New National Galery during the 100th anniversary of Willi Baumeister. The piece is 30 years old now, and this year we have the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in Dessau. How history unfolds before our eyes! Fidan Aghayeva-Edler is playing Berlin Diary: 1. A Waltz, 3. Montaru 3b, 7. Berlin Air.

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