08.03.2024 , 19:30 Uhr

Ich will zornig sein, Psalmen

Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 2
5020 Salzburg
09.03.2024 , 19:00 Uhr

Izanagi und Izanami

Im Vereinslokal “Der Leere Raum” Franz-Josef-Straße 20, Ecke Schrannengasse —ehemalige “Spielzeugschachtel”— 5020 Salzburg, Österreich
12.03.2024 , 20:00 Uhr


Unerhoerte Musik
Mehringdamm 43, 10961 Berlin

Mayako Kubo

is a composer of Japanese descent who is artistically connected to the European legacy and the contemporary music movement. She has written about 130 works in almost all genres. Opera holds special significance for Mayako Kubo. The world premiere of Rashomon in Graz, Austria, 1996 and of the Japanese version in Tokyo 2002 confirmed her reputation as Japan’s most important female composer.

„My goal is to create something that can survive the 21st century. Otherwise, my music would be meaningless, and I might as well stop composing.“
Mayako Kubo


Foto: Vogt-Sarah Harzer

Unsolvable Footprints

We discover our footprints whether we want to or not. Especially in Berlin there are traces of Nazi times around every corner. The entire city should be a UNESCO world heritage site. But watch out! Culture is usually a positive force. Her we see NEGATIVE culture, our NEGATIVE heritage, which… Read More

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Salzburg! Salzburg!

Mister Bernhard, we are coming to Salzburg and want to visit you. Please join us on March 8th at the Kollegienkirche. We… Read More

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Foto: Nektarios Perogiannakis

Love, Revenge, Eternity

In the Japanese myth “Izanagi and Izanami” I read about gods that are so clumsy they become confused in their own fate. Read More

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Since January I have been living in HWK Delmenhorst, 16 kilometres from Bremen. The HWK, Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, is a… Read More

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