Mayako Kubo

is a composer of Japanese descent who is artistically connected to the European legacy and the contemporary music movement. She has written about 130 works in almost all genres. Opera holds special significance for Mayako Kubo. The world premiere of Rashomon in Graz, Austria, 1996 and of the Japanese version in Tokyo 2002 confirmed her reputation as Japan’s most important female composer.

„My goal is to create something that can survive the 21st century. Otherwise, my music would be meaningless, and I might as well stop composing.“
Mayako Kubo


Chains chain

The German word for chains, “Kette”, is strange, because it looks like a chain of five letters connected to each other. Could these be hieroglyphics? The word chain contains many meanings: A state of captivity. A symbol for violence or sadomasochism. Relationships that cannot be broken. Husbands give necklaces to… Read More

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Foto: BHROX bauhaus reuse, © Foto: Ken Schluchtmann, 2021


Open-air cinema in summer is already popular and you can hear classical music in “Open Air Concert”. But it… Read More

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(Foto: Suji Kwock Kim)

War poems

Homer wrote the Iliad about the Trojan War. Killing and living, weeping and mourning, flight and wandering are the theme… Read More

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Foto: Andrej Grilc

Fukio Saxophone Quartet

When I was writing “Today I am red” for a saxophone quartet in Paris(2018), the Syrian civil war was at its… Read More

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