Foto: Vogt-Sarah Harzer

Unsolvable Footprints

We discover our footprints whether we want to or not. Especially in Berlin there are traces of Nazi times around every corner. The entire city should be a UNESCO world heritage site. But watch out! Culture is usually a positive force. Her we see NEGATIVE culture, our NEGATIVE heritage, which we should always and continuously remember. These were my thoughts when composing “Footprints” for accordion for Stanislav Venglevski in 2021. Three marching songs – Russian, German, and Japanese – are woven into and worked through in the piece. The Russian song “Arise, Great Country” is very melodical, in three-four time. The German “Panzer Song” in four-four time sounds like an edgy, stiff, but folksy march. The third song from the Japanese Navy uses two-four time and represents their direct, aggressive character.

Addendum 2024: the peace that held for 75 years after the end of World War II is facing its end today. I can no longer bear the sound of the Russian military song. The text should be rewritten: “Wake up, wake up, Great Country!”

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