Salzburg! Salzburg!

Mister Bernhard, we are coming to Salzburg and want to visit you. Please join us on March 8th at the Kollegienkirche. We will sing your Psalms and transmit your wrath, in double the amount. This is how I would like to address Thomas Bernhard. Since completing this piece, I have noticed some grave changes in society: COVID measures, energy savings, problems of and with public opinion. I could be angry and wrathful every day. How do you express such anger? Such wrath? Block roads with your tractors? Write letters to the publishers? What makes me even more angry is that it has become almost impossible to express your anger. How do we go on? 35 years after his death, his words remain perhaps more relevant than ever.

schwarz ist das Gras, Vater,
schwarz ist die Erde,
schwarz sind meine Gedanken,
weil ich ein armer Mensch bin .

black is the Grass, Father,
black is the Earth,
black are my thoughts,
because I am a poor Man.

from psalms by Thomas Bernhard

We have been invited by the Maria-Anna-Mozart Society and sing during International Women’s Day.

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