„Gradually I got a clear idea of what music I wanted to write. It had to be transparent, not ‚art for art’s sake’, not cute, no superfluous notes – plain text. It takes courage to express one’s own opinion. Because if you are outspoken, you are often misunderstood. But I prefer this misunderstanding than an understanding based on ambiguity.“



Fantasie an die Freude

BOCD7613, 2016

Atem Pause

Cologne Quartett, JSM 6.005, 2011


Kreuzberg Records kr10112, 2011

Atem Pause

Miscelanea Quartett, ARSIS 4235, 2008

Il re solo

Kreuzberg Records kr 10042, 1998

Dialogus iuvenum

Kreuzberg Records kr 10042, 1997


edition ARIADNE AD 998001 , 1996

Yasuko – aus dem Schwarzen Regen

ORF/MP30/4-6, 1996

Imakosowa – brich auf!

Durian097/ 098-2, 1995

Versuch über den Turm von Pisa

FER 20014 , 1993

Berlinisches Tagebuch

CTH 2244, 1991

7 Spiele

Ambitus 97841, 1987


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