Continue to stay be angry

For Thomas Bernhard, God evokes dark thoughts and the psalm is not a song of blessing but a declaration of war. Today we have to be very alert in many directions: pandemic, democracy, Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, climate change, antisemitism, inflation, ageing society. All these issues that beset people today culminate in a single affect: “I want to be angry”. In this time, the strong words of Thomas Bernhard sound quite new: “I will drink him angry./ In the night of my all poverty.” They are an alarm signal, but they also mean a stop for the listeners. We will not give away our anger easily.

Berlin Women’s Vocal Ensemble, violist, Miriam Göttig and organist, Josefine Horn under the direction of Lothar Knappe, performed my composition beautifully. Many thanks! We can hear the recording and stay watchful. Continue to stay be angry!

I will be angry – Psalms
for eight female voices, viola and organ
Texts : Thomas Bernhard | Composition : Mayako Kubo
St. Matthäus | Church in the Kulturforum | Berlin-Tiergarten
2022 November 18, Friday, 8 p.m. Duration approx. 65 minutes
Berlin Women’s Vocal Ensemble:
Nikola Gericke, Yoon-Kyung Hennevogl, Sibylle Fischer,
Heike Scheel, Christine Wörlen, Miho Kinoshita, Bettina Bruns, Daria Kozyk
Miriam Götting : Viola / Josefine Horn : Organ
Conductor: Lothar Knappe
Audio- Video: profile berlin, Peter-Michael Hofmann

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