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Falling asleep while lying in wait

The old knight lying in wait has fallen asleep. We fall asleep in the warm living room watching TV, while the horrible war news continues in the deep night of the big city. This is the background, or rather the starting point, of my new composition for guitar. Joseph von Eichendorff depicted a remarkable timespan in the short poem “Auf der Burg”: Many hundreds of years ago, a knight was in his castle, a brief shower of rain is followed by sunshine, then a wedding procession passes by on the River Rhein and you can see that the beautiful bride is weeping.

Robert Schumann composed this event using an unadorned melody and simple chords. Schumann’s song enables the listener to concentrate and understand the poem more deeply. Now I am trying to realise this simplicity in my composition.

Tomasz Zawierucha, a passionate guitarist, asked me for a new guitar piece. I am grateful to him: his guitar transforms into a colourful orchestra and represents the time span in sound.

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