Poetry of the female composers

What does music interpreted dyadically sound like? A female poet has heard my music and writes poetry. A cellist has read this poem, composes and then plays her music. The idea came from the exhibition “MusicaFemina – women made music 2018” in Vienna, presented by the Austrian music producer Irene Suchy.

Für Mayako Kubo


leicht austrocknen in
diesen Breitengraden Schacht
aus Angst

als Klang ist

Sophie Reyer, Edition Keiper, Graz 2021

After the poem by Sophie Reyer

“KUBO: Hommage to Mayako Kubo” (here comes the music sample)

Melissa Colemann: composition and violoncello
CD: Poetry Women Composers, C5431

„KUBO:Homage to Mayako Kubo MP3“ von Melissa Coleman

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