Berlin and Wild garlic (Baerlauch)

Early spring is the time for wild garlic. Every year, I gather wild garlic in the Glienicke Palace Park and go for a long walk. Even today, the Glienicker Bridge awakens a very strong and poignant memory in me: On November 10, 1989, I drove to the Glienicker Bridge early in the morning in my old Toyota Starlet. I wanted to help the people. The Morgenpost and Tagesspiegel printed a city map of West Berlin, and Caritas and another organization provided tangerines and chocolates to distribute. People kept coming through the bridge, and they cried tears of joy. I too had tears running down my cheeks. They shook hands and hugged each other without knowing each other’s names. It was an unforgettable scene. The piano piece “Berlinisches Tagebuch” was written from the notes I took during those days.

Berlin and Wild garlic (Baerlauch)

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