“Ah! For man’s wild breast no home is possible” – Hyperion by Friedrich Hölderlin – from the text “Hyperion Fragments”, composed in 2002.

Bogliasco was one of the stations of my constant restlessness. It is situated in the Golfo di Paradiso, in picturesque beauty. In 2006 I was invited as a Fellow by the Bogliasco Foundation and this autumn there is a 25th anniversary celebration. The blue Mediterranean and stylish villas created the ambience for composing. Did I feel well there? An emphatic YES! Whether I was productive? No! In this point of view, the tiny, bare flat in Paris was much more productive. The grey, rainy sky over wintry Paris brought peace and musical inspiration. The singer Irene Kurka accompanies me to the celebration and sings “Verfinstert”, from the poem “Exil” by Ingeborg Bachmann. The fellows come from all over the world and are writers, choreographers, painters, etc. They are therefore creative exiles.

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