My Traces: Tracking a Composer

It is a documentary overview of scenic music up to 2007. Contents: A portrait of Mayako Kubo. Production: 2007 Shio Nagai/Mayako Kubo

String trio “Turning points” (2007) / Musical theater “Montaru 3B” (1989) / Opera “Rashomon” (Graz)(1996) / Opera “Rashomon” (Tokyo)(2002) / Memoria perpetua Double bass solo (2002) / Musical theater “Hyperion-Fragmente” (2002) / Scenic Music “Margareten weiss in Flaschenbegleitung” (2004) / Opera “Osan” (Tokyo)(2005)

Run time: 20 Minutes

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© Mayako Kubo
Narayama Suite I – IV