New Music in Church

During the show, the host mentioned a quote by Toru Takemitsu: The notes of Japanese instruments are boundlessly free in the moment of their sounding. I do not agree with that sentiment. Thoughts about the ideal sound of Japanese instruments come primarily from Zen. The idea is that sounds created by humans should approximate the sounds of nature as best they can. Unfortunately, I would need another 100 years to understand such a metaphysical ideal – or maybe even more. The stance of my Japanese colleagues is for me at once fascinating and exotic. Their cryptic commentaries on their own works are often more interesting than the sounds of the works themselves.

Here is a sample of “Today I am Red” (Heute bin ich Rot) from the show “Musik-Panorama”, broadcast February 11th, 2019 on Deutschland Funk radio. Performed by the Xenon Quartet.

Radiobeitrag "Heute bin ich rot"

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