Aufführung von „Schnee“ in der Parochialkirche
Foto: Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

Snow’s Over?

The performance of “Snow” at the Parochial Church was so overwhelmingly beautiful that I want to talk about it one more time. Everyone was so passionate about performing the piece, and the audience was ecstatic to be ‘snowed on’. The Parochial Church was so nicely illuminated it was almost as if there was real snow everywhere. Of course, a little snow won’t simply cover up the problem of an over-ageing society. I will keep up the good work and continue to do my part to draw attention to important issues like that. I am immensely grateful to all the choir singers, solo singers, and the conductors for supporting me in that.

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Aufführung von „Schnee“ in der Parochialkirche
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