Mayako Kubo

is a composer of Japanese descent who is artistically connected to the European legacy and the contemporary music movement. She has written about 130 works in almost all genres. Opera holds special significance for Mayako Kubo. The world premiere of Rashomon in Graz, Austria, 1996 and of the Japanese version in Tokyo 2002 confirmed her reputation as Japan’s most important female composer.

„My goal is to create something that can survive the 21st century. Otherwise, my music would be meaningless, and I might as well stop composing.“
Mayako Kubo


Foto: Gaby Bultmann

Spring Festival Concert

The cherry blossom season is finally here. I always get tired of long winters. But this spring is exceptionally beautiful. It is unimaginable that such an everyday thing as seeing faces without masks and shaking hands is forbidden for two years. A small piece will be performed at a Spring… Read More

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Makiko Goto

Encounters can begin and end in an instant. After being very impressed by Makiko’s koto playing, I composed a piec… Read More

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Foto: Katrin Talbot

Composer´s incompetents

What on earth can a composer do? It’s as if music can comfort us or give us strength through music, just like a pa… Read More

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Ensemble Wiener Collage

Vienna remains my homtown

Vienna is still my second home. When I am in Vienna, I feel at home. The narrow streets and the sausage stalls make me f… Read More

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