5th Mazel Tov International

Collaborating with the viola player Yossi Gutmann isn’t easy work – but it is rewarding. And we are meeting ever-increasing approval when it comes to our motto of presenting music that goes beyond borders and generations, but is rarely performed or not performed at all.

The Gutmann-Maile Enemble Berlin has once again selected some sophisticated works: from a string trio by Arnold Schönberg, to Haubenstock-Ramati, to a UA by Yehuda Yannay. Haubenstock-Ramati once told me that during the premiere of the opera “America” at the Deutsche Oper in 1966, there was “a lot of politically motivated audience at the premiere…” For that reason and others, he decided to never again travel to Germany. In that sense, we consider our project as the historical research of New Music: we want to make heard the music that was written because of or despite extraordinary circumstances. Across all generations, and through all cultural backgrounds. And we are always grateful when the audience points toward unknown works.

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