Beethoven meets Mayako Kubo

Who is my role model? For me, almost all the classical composers are role models and an inspiration, and I keep learning so much from them. But even among them, Beethoven is in a class of his own. If I could be his apprentice, I’d love to make coffee for him and help him with clean copies of his work. That, to me, should be the education of anyone studying composition. Not theory, not printed notes, but getting to know a composer as they are writing down their music.

Nov. 15th, 2016, 8.04pm – 10.00pm, WDR 3
„Beethoven trifft Mayako Kubo“ presented by Sabine Weber
Ludwig van Beethoven, Streichquartett op. 18-1
Mayako Kubo, String Quartet Nr. 1 “Glockenläuten” (“Ringing of the Bells”), German premiere
Ludwig van Beethoven, Streichquartett op. 59-2
Auryn Quartett

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