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What comes after a festival?

During the famous Awa folk dance festival in Shikoku there is dancing for four whole days and nights. After such a festival you are completely exhausted, but despite the exertion everyone is always looking forward to dancing again at Awa the next summer. There must be some secret in the Awa music; whenever it sounds, I have to dance and just cannot stop.

My clarinet trio “Matsuri” (Japanese: “Festival”) is based on the dance music of Awa. The Bärmann Trio, who I have dedicated “Matsuri” to, also cannot stop playing the piece. Last year we had several successful concerts in both Germany and Japan. And every time they play “Matsuri”, the Bärmann Trio tells me: it’s a beautiful piece, but it sure leaves you bushed. Now you know the secret of the Awa dance!

„Matsuri“ for clarinet trio
Bärmann Trio: Sven van der Kuip clarinet, Ulrich Büsing bass clarinet, John-Noel Attard piano
2017 Feb. 6. 19.30
Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin JDZB
Saargemünderstr.2 14195 Berlin

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