Listening to night dust

Listening to one’s own composition is difficult, because it is impossible to judge it objectively without emotion. Once the music completes composing , printing and performing, it goes on in its own dynamic. I must take responsibility for what I have written and not allow excuses. I listen to “night dust” and think what I will write in the next string quartet. The recording of the 3rd string quartet “Nachtstaub” can now be heard on Youtube.

“Night Dust” 2016-2019 for string quartet

Recording: on 3 January 2023 Unerhoerte Musik

Kubus Kollektiv: String Quartet (Sonya Suldina, Agata Michalec Stahl Violin, Liese Mészár Viola, Trude Mészár Cello)

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© Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk
Night Dust