Izanagi - © Kenichi Hashimoto; Bühne: Hitomi Uchikura
„My goal is to create something that can survive the 21st century. Otherwise, my music would be meaningless, and I might as well stop composing.“
Mayako Kubo
Mayako Kubo is a composer of Japanese descent who is artistically connected to the European legacy and the contemporary music movement. She has written about 130 works in almost all genres. Opera holds special significance for Mayako Kubo. The world premiere of Rashomon in Graz, Austria, 1996 and of the Japanese version in Tokyo 2002 confirmed her reputation as Japan’s most important female composer.

Osan – The Secret of Love, her second opera, was premiered very successfully in Tokyo in 2005. Der Spinnfaden (The Spinning Thread), an opera for young musicians, was produced in Berlin in 2010.
Currently, Mayako Kubo is writing her fourth opera, Izanagi, based on a mythological Japanese theme. Another stage work on the case history of John Rabe and the Nanking Massacre is in the works.
Mayako Kubo lives in Berlin. She is represented by Tokyo Concerts; her works are published by Verlag Neue Musik, the Ariadne Musikverlag as well as by Breitkopf & Haertel.

Video "Rashomon"
Excerpts from the world premiere in Graz and the premiere performance of the Japanese version in Tokio